A long lasting Eau de Parfum. It is a sophisticated and elegant fragrance with the Chypre and Fruity as the dominant notes. It has Blackcurrants as the top notes. Top notes are the first perfumery notes to be appreciated in a perfume. It has peach as the heart notes. Heart notes are the soul of the perfume. Blackcurrant and Peach are forming the Fruity dominance. It has Vanilla as the base notes. Base notes give the depth to the perfume. Chypre fragrances are warm and dry and almost all built round a woody, mossy accord of bergamot, oakmoss, patchouli and labdanum. Elements of flowers, fruits or woodiness are sometimes played up in chypre fragrances too.


It has the same perfumery notes, as in the Sì (Giorgio Armani)

Yodeyma 'Adriana'